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    Proposed Legislation May Affect Landlords And Rental Properties

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    Real estate investing

    Commercial real estate assets come in many different forms, including: medical centers, malls, hotels, farmland, garages, and apartment complexes. Many believe that apartment buildings or multifamily housing is the easiest to buy and manage when investing in real estate. This can be true, but that doesn’t mean it’s a no-brainer. Landlords and property management companies continually have to update leases and rental policies, and that fact is unlikely to change any time soon. Here a

    Payroll Management Services Leave It to the Pros

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    Free payroll tax calculator

    The payroll department doesn’t always get the credit it deserves. There is much more to payroll management, you know, than cutting cheques.

    In Canada, there are 190 laws on payroll accounting alone. Business owners who handle payroll themselves are responsible for totaling hours, determining wage calculations for each employee, depositing payroll taxes, and preparing tax returns among many other things. For business owners who know very little about payroll duties, payroll processing can be quite frustrating. And coupled with the fact that even the smallest mistake can be detrimental in the long run, it can be frightening, too.

    That is why payroll processing services are so useful for business owners who have little-to-no experience with processing payroll. Third-party Continue Reading No Comments

    What Kind of Impact Will the White House’s $4 Trillion Budget Have on DC Commercial Real Estate?

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    Real estate investing

    The White House’s recently-drafted budget for the 2016 fiscal year could end up setting aside millions of dollars to support the Washington, DC commercial real estate industry.

    According to a February 3 Washington Business Journal article, the capital’s commercial real estate companies — which buy and sell properties such as office buildings, medical centers, hotels, retail space and more — would receive $200 million to go toward consolidating their real estate footprints.

    These companies would also receive millions to be pu