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Investor Relations 101 One Easy Way To Improve Your Writing Skills

Written by Chris on . Posted in Financial public relations, Investor relation firms, Shareholder relations

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Like many scientists and engineers, some business people have a reputation for lacking… let’s say, a certain flair for writing. And while shareholders won’t expect you to churn out inspirational sonnets counting all the ways you love the Chinese Stock Market (we hope), improving your writing skills can only improve your investor relations services, too.

And there’s one simple trick for clear and effective written communication, a trick that most people get exactly wrong. The best writers follow a simple rule: they use exactly the words they need, no more, no less. In fact, studies show that overly long corporate communications often have a correlative relationship to falling stock prices.

Not only does using too many words create ugly, unreadable reports, but it also has a dangerous unintended cons